Monday, 15 August 2011

A Bit Of Fun...

Here's a strip I did a while back.  I've deliberately left the colour/text off it so that anyone who fancies a go can write their own script/colour it in.  If you'd like to write a script without knowing the real story quickly click on the picture below, otherwise read on...

  • The strip is called Shape Shifter.
  • A teenage boy inherits the contents of his Grandad's shed and finds a 'super' suit which allows him to temporarily change things into any shape he wishes.  He knows this as it says so on the box! 
  • The down side of the suit is that it's pink and very naff looking... which attracts the attention of bullies! 
  • In this strip he turns said bully into a ball and kicks him away.  He's pleased to hear a siren but then dismayed to see that it's an officer from the Fashion Police.  The officer starts to caution him but he makes his escape. 
  • The final drawing show's the new super hero reading a fashion magazine in a bid to see if he can't do something with the suit to get the Fashion Police off his back.  The final square is blank to list some questions about the next strip in the series (including 'Can he make the suit look cool?!').


  1. Tom Paterson, I presume? Feel free not to print this should you wish to keep your identity a secret.

  2. In my dreams Kid! I grew up worshipping the fella... :)

  3. You've got his style down pat. You were obviously a fan of his Buster and School Belle. I love his 'Baxendale' style.

  4. Yep, Buster was my main weekly! His Baxendale style is fantastic too - Sweeney Toddler and all that (my brother used to get Whoopee!).

  5. I love this (and I'm a huge Tom fan as well - also trying to draw like him!) - please draw some more comic strips or even start a webcomic! I'd love to be a part of something like that! Please! Please! Please! :D

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